Contemporary Social Issues

Contemporary Social Issues

Contemporary Social Issues

Principles and Social Inst.

Contemporary Social Issues

Contemporary Social Issues - SOCI105 GWGB0


·         Social Problems: A Service Learning Approach (2011) Corey Dolgon, Chris Baker


This course examines the social issues and problems confronting our world today. It will initiate a critical questioning of 1) What is a social problem?  2) How can we gain a sociological understanding of social problems? 3) What kinds of thinking should we avoid in our attempts to understand problems? 4) What are some causes of social problems? 5) What is the impact of race, class, and gender on how we construct ideas of social problems?     


This course examines contemporary social problems, which includes analyzing their causes, effects, and possible remedies or policies that could address these issues.

You will also be given the tools to:

·         Understand social phenomena scientifically and theoretically, in order to craft appropriate and effective responses to social and institutionalized inequalities

·         Identify the processes which promote social problems and the resulting psychological consequences

·         Recognize the structural disadvantages of particular segments of society

·         Critically engage in course curriculum, promoting civic responsibility and citizenship, all with a service learning focus



COURSE DESCRIPTION: SOCI 101 Examines basic sociological ideas including social relations, social interaction, social structure and social change. Reviews classical and contemporary social theories. Introduces student to the sociological imagination. Learning Outcomes: Problem Solving and Writing.

 REQUIRED TEXT:  Margaret L. Andersen & Howard F, Taylor.  (8th Edition, 2014).

Sociology, The Essentials. Bellmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

COURSE GOALS:  This course will:

            Introduce the students to the fundamental concepts and theories of sociology.

            Allow the students to develop an understanding of the historical significance

            of social changes within the society and culture and how that history plays in

            to today's events.

            Encourage the students to think critically about the society.

            Initiate the application of sociological concepts to the student's everyday


            Create an understanding and recognition of the experiences of diverse groups

            in society.

Contemporary Social Issues